Friday, November 11, 2011

{Christmas Craft Night}

I can't believe that it is Christmas time already! We are all geared up for Christmas around here! Craft night will be Saturday December 3rd from 5-9 p.m. It will be in Springville but NOT our usual location. More information about the location will follow in later e-mails. Sign ups will end on Sunday, November 2oth and payment will be due by Tuesday, November 22nd. We want to make it so you don't forgot about it with all the craziness of Thanksgiving weekend!

1. Nativity - $15
*some of the fabric may vary.

2. Tree- $8
3. Countdown Blocks - $12
4. Reindeer - $10
5. Joy Blocks - $10
6. Stocking Board - $15

*will include 6 hooks

7. Cookie Box - $6 (We have limited quantities, so if you want one, make sure you order early!)
8. The Grinch Quote - $8 (all vinyl)

Here are some crafts that would make great gifts!

Temple Blocks - $6 (You choose the temple block)
Home Tweet Home - $10
Memory Cube - $12
Family Stacker - $10
Quote Block - $6 (You can customize any quote you would like or choose from some options that we have.)
here are some examples of quotes you could do...
Memo Board - $5
Menu Board- $20
Home Blocks - $18 (for set)

We are doing something a little bit different this time. (And will probably do in the future as well.) Sometimes we have our samples to sell. So we decided we would offer them upfront. Obviously we only have one available, so it will be first come first serve. So if you want the craft but don't want to make it OR if you aren't able to come and don't have time to make the craft, this option might be great for you!
The samples that we have available are:

-Joy Blocks

Remember to sign up by November 2oth and pay by November 22nd. Once you sign up, we will send you a Paypal request! See you soon!

Sign up here.