Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{October Craft Night}

We are back!  We took a really long break.  Sorry about that.  We missed crafting dearly!  We have been busy!  With school and going back to work full time, both of us have had some crazy schedules. And we both have some exciting news!  The most exciting is that Michelle is pregnant and due with a baby girl the first part of February!  Jennie's husband is going to school in Texas and is moving out there to be with him.  With all this excitement, we sadly have decided to end our craft nights.  We may do one here and there in the future but we won't be holding any consistently in the future (not that we have anyway).  Anyways we wanted to do one last craft night and go out with a bang!  Usually for our craft nights we focus on just one holiday or season, but this time we are doing all crafts that we have had our eyes on for awhile!  Here are the details! 

Craft night will be on Saturday October 13th.  We will be holding it at our old location!  Yay!  We have been given special permission to use the space and because of that we cannot allow ANY children at craft night.  We are sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.   

1.  Cookie Jar - $6
We did these last year for Christmas.  They are really cute and great for Christmas treats!
2.  Temple Blocks - $6
These are always popular at craft night!  Makes great presents!

3.  Dry Erase Message Board - $12
The vinyl is dry erase which makes it the perfect place to leave messages!  Fun twist to a white board!
4.  Glue Gun Holder - $15 and an additional $3 for the chevron pattern vinyl.
We have been wanting to do these for a long time.  We love that this holder has a place to hold the glue sticks!  The chevron pattern makes it really fun!  (Glue gun not included (: )
 5.  Ho Ho Ho Plate - $8

Don't worry, there is NO painting involved!  It is all vinyl and the chevron pattern is simple to apply! 
6.  Snowman head - $10

7.  Family Established Blocks - $12
8.  Birthday Stacker - $12 and $4 for additional blocks

This is a fun way to celebrate birthdays because you can customize the blocks for each family member.  Each side of the bottom block can contain a name.  So one block can have 4 names on it.  If you need additional blocks for more family members, they are $4 each.
9.  Jack-O-Latern - $12

will include either black or yellow glitter paper for face.  
10.  Random Blocks -$2 each
Have something you want to spell out with blocks (last name, kids names, holiday, etc)?  We are offering random blocks this time around!  They can measure anywhere from 3-6 inches tall and will be 4 inches wide.   The cost will include the wood, paper, paint and vinyl.  Please specify what size you want EACH block to be!  And also what the vinyl should spell out!
**example of what the blocks could be.  Tallest blocks are 6 inches tall in the picture example. 
 11.  Grinch Block  - $8 (all vinyl)
**Clearance Items**

We still have some clearance items available.  You may sign up for these items on the sign up sheet.  If you have inquired about clearance items already, don't worry, we will include them on your invoice.  We are keeping track.  If we miss you for some reason, just shoot us an e-mail and we will get the problem corrected!  

11.  Nativity - $10
 12.  Tulips - $6
 13.  Flag Stacker - $4
 14.  Firecrackers (set of 3) - $4
 15.  Witch Hanger - $12
Sign ups end on September 25th and payment is due September 28th.  Please contact us at craftcarnival@gmail.com, if you have any questions!  We look forward to seeing you all and hope you can make it!  Like always, if you can't make it on the 13th but would still like a craft kit, let us know and we can make some arrangements with you!  Sign up here!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

{Clearance Items}

We are currently working on an upcoming craft night, so stay tuned.  Also mark your calendars for October 13th, for craft night!  More details to come...
But until then, we have been going through our inventory and have some past craft kits that are just lying around.  So we are discounting them!  We have a limited supply and so they are first come, first serve so act fast if you see something you want!

Turkey Door Hanger - $18 Now $12!         **SOLD**

 Nativity -  $15 NOW $12!
 Christmas Countdown - $12, Now $10
 Tulips - $12, now $8!

 Witch Door Hanger - $18, now $12

Firecrackers - $8, now $5 for set.

Flag Stacker - $8, now $5!

Act fast if you are interested in any of these crafts!  If you are interested in any of these crafts, contact us, craftcarnival@gmail.com!  If we still have them available when we post the craft nights for October, we will include them in the sign up sheet! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keri's Friends Craft Night

Chick - $8
Bunny - $8

Family Blocks - $12
Spring Blocks - $15

Chore Dice - $10
Give Thanks - $15

I love us - $6

Frame: $10
Quote Block - $6 [You chose the quote]

Menu Board - $20
Home Tweet Home - 10

Jewelry Board - $10
Family Stacker - $10
Temple Block - $6

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{January Craft Night}

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas season! We enjoyed our time off but we are itching to get back to crafting! Craft night will be on Saturday January 28th from 5-9 p.m.
We are still looking for a new location, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know! Sign ups will end on Wednesday January 18th and payment will be due by Friday January 20th! Let us know if you have any issues and we will work with you as best as we can!

1. Interchangeable Frame -$18*
This will include the board, snowflake ornament and heart ornament.

*You can buy the pieces separately if you would like. The board alone will be $10 and EACH ornament will be $5. Please specify if you want these items separate.

We are really excited about this one! This month it will include a snowflake and a heart and then we will have different things for different months. We were thinking it might even be cute to have some with sayings or quotes on them. Again, if there is anything you want to see, e-mail us with your suggestions!

2. I love Us sign - $6

3. Snowman- $15*supplies will vary

4.Conversation Hearts- $12

5. "Tweet" heart birds - $10

This is VERY similar to the home tweet home, but it has a Valentines twist on it! They are super cute and fun for lovers day!

6. Be Mine Blocks -$12
*paper and supplies will vary. The color of the letters will be black.

And as always, we are offering some of our past crafts to those of you that are new to Craft Carnival or just missed out on our fun crafts one month!

Temple Blocks - $6

*you choose the temple.

Home Tweet Home- $12

Family Stacker - $10

Memo Board - $5

Menu Board- $20

Remember sign ups end on January 18th and payment is due by January 20th! Can't wait to see you all there! Sign up here.

Friday, November 11, 2011

{Christmas Craft Night}

I can't believe that it is Christmas time already! We are all geared up for Christmas around here! Craft night will be Saturday December 3rd from 5-9 p.m. It will be in Springville but NOT our usual location. More information about the location will follow in later e-mails. Sign ups will end on Sunday, November 2oth and payment will be due by Tuesday, November 22nd. We want to make it so you don't forgot about it with all the craziness of Thanksgiving weekend!

1. Nativity - $15
*some of the fabric may vary.

2. Tree- $8
3. Countdown Blocks - $12
4. Reindeer - $10
5. Joy Blocks - $10
6. Stocking Board - $15

*will include 6 hooks

7. Cookie Box - $6 (We have limited quantities, so if you want one, make sure you order early!)
8. The Grinch Quote - $8 (all vinyl)

Here are some crafts that would make great gifts!

Temple Blocks - $6 (You choose the temple block)
Home Tweet Home - $10
Memory Cube - $12
Family Stacker - $10
Quote Block - $6 (You can customize any quote you would like or choose from some options that we have.)
here are some examples of quotes you could do...
Memo Board - $5
Menu Board- $20
Home Blocks - $18 (for set)

We are doing something a little bit different this time. (And will probably do in the future as well.) Sometimes we have our samples to sell. So we decided we would offer them upfront. Obviously we only have one available, so it will be first come first serve. So if you want the craft but don't want to make it OR if you aren't able to come and don't have time to make the craft, this option might be great for you!
The samples that we have available are:

-Joy Blocks

Remember to sign up by November 2oth and pay by November 22nd. Once you sign up, we will send you a Paypal request! See you soon!

Sign up here.