Monday, July 18, 2011

August Craft Night

We are back! We definitely missed crafting this last month but with the craziness that July is, it was nice to have a break. During our vacation month, we put together this months crafts and we are very excited! Our craft night will be on Saturday August 27th from 5-9 p.m. in Springville. We still want to do a Salt Lake craft night again but will probably have to wait until the Fall when all the Summer activities slow down! And here are the crafts!

1. Set of 3 candlestick holders - $15

{Accessories are not included.} These candlestick holders are so much fun! They can be antiqued or just painted a solid color. Don't be intimidated by the antiquing part. It is really easy and we will show you how!

2. Fall Stacker - $10
Love, love, love having different stackers for every holiday and season!

3. Fall Blocks - $10
These are my favorite holiday blocks yet! I love how they are different heights! We have noticed that many of you like your blocks at different heights so we thought we would give it a try this month!

4. Quote Block -$6

These cute little quote blocks make perfect decor for any room! They are perfect to put on a shelf or fill a little space.
We are offering a variety of different quotes.

Still don't see a quote you love? E-mail us your quote at and we will make a super cute custom quote for you!

Specify in the comments/question section which quote you want.

Oh one more thing. If you would like the accent word(s), colored a specific color (for example the words that are bigger or in a different font), we will do that for you! Just specify the color in the comments/questions section on the form!

5. Fabric Pumpkins - $12
{accessories not included and fabric may vary, but don't worry the fabric will be cute!}
The fabric pumpkins will come in a set of 3! They will be cute for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor! And the best part, NO sewing!

6. Pumpkin Stacker - $8

How fun are these? We were thinking these would be cute in multiples, done vertical and horizontal!

We are also selling past crafts/clearance items.

-Monogram - $12
-Menu Board- $20

-Home Blocks - $18 for the set. Also includes a 4th of July block (star).

-Home Tweet Home - $1o

-Temple Block - $6
-Jewelery Board - $10

-Family Stacker - $10

-Memo Board- $5

-Tulips - $10
-Lost Sock Board for Laundry Room - $8 (Only 1 left)
-Garden Signs - $20 (Only 1 set left!!)
-Summer Stacker - $10 (Only 1 left!!)
-Flag Stacker -$8 (Only 2 left!!)
-Firecrackers - $8 (Only 2 left!!)
-Watermelon - $8 (Only 1 left!!)

Sign up here.

Sign ups will end on August 6th and payment will be due by August 10th!

We can't wait to see all of you in August! We missed you in July!