Sunday, March 27, 2011

{April Craft Night}

Craft night in April will be April 23rd from 5-9 p.m. Sign ups end on April 9th at midnight. All payments must be made before April 13th. A $5 late fee will be applied for payments made after April 13th, unless prior arrangements have been made.

1. Tulip Block - $5

2. Families are Forever Stacker - $10
Please include:
-the (last) name you would like on the bottom stacker
-indicate if you would like brown or black vinyl lettering.

3. Tulips - $12
4. Jewelry Board - $10
-board is 9"x12". Sorry stand and jewelry not included!

5. Birthday Banner - $15
6. Home Blocks - $15

-please indicate if you would like brown or black vinyl.
The home blocks will include 3 seasons (the pumpkin, the snowflake and the flower). In future craft nights, we will sell additional seasons/holiday blocks that will coordinate with the HOME blocks.

7. Garden Signs - 5 signs for $20

These durable garden signs are made out of metal and should withstand the elements for several seasons.
-please indicate the 5 garden items you want on your signs.

Attention Crafters! Because of the volume of the supplies used to host Craft Night each month, we are going to implement a new pricing policy. Beginning with the April Craft Night, we will be charging an additional $1 PER PERSON to attend craft night. This supply fee will be used to provide you with paint brushes, glues, etc.

HOWEVER! For the April Craft Night, we are offering a special deal to our loyal Crafters. All you have to do is post a pic of one of your favorite crafts that you have done at craft night on our wall and then TAG YOURSELF in that picture and your $1 fee will be waived for April! (You must "like" Craft Carnival on Facebook) Those that signed up and PAID last night will also receive the fee waiver this month!

Pics must be posted before midnight on APRIL 2nd to be eligible.

Sign up here!

A few other items:

-Remember to refer your friends (that sign up) and you will receive $5 off your NEXT craft night purchase! It is always more fun to craft with friends and to get a discount makes it even better!

-We have extras of the bunnies, home tweet home, temple block, and spring blocks from craft night. Contact us if you are interested! The crafts are first come first serve.


  1. Sorry Michelle, that night is really a bad night. It being the day before Easter. We have Easter eggs hunts and family dinner. So I can't make it this month.

    Stephanie Bromley

  2. Does the jewelry board include the stand with it?

  3. @Stephanie: we changed the date of craft night to April 30th so hopefully you can come now!

    @Calissa: No, the jewelry board does not include the stand! Sorry!